Embrace the Unforgettable Journey: Loire Valley by eBike

With Loire Brakes, Every Turn Reveals a Story. Experience the Loire Valley’s Charm on Our Bespoke eBike Tours

Welcome to Loire Brakes – Your Intimate eBike Journey through the Heart of France

Envision the winding pathways of the Loire Valley unfolding before you, a tapestry of emerald and gold, bathed in the soft light of the French countryside. With Loire Brakes, this vision gracefully transforms into reality. Your journey is not just a route—it’s a narrative painted on the canvas of France’s garden, experienced from the saddle of your faithful eBike.

Loire Brakes offers an intimate glimpse into the soul of the Loire Valley. Our promise to you is a seamless meld of adventure and tranquility—a true “Slow Travel” experience. As you pedal with ease on our premium eBikes, the worries of keeping up simply fade away, leaving only the joy of exploration. Discover the secret places where only locals tread, far from the reach of bustling tourists and traffic.

Our e-bikes make it e-asy!

  • e-bikes are provided on every tour, so no-one gets left behind
  • Discover those “out of the way” spots that can’t be reached by cars and coaches
  • With personalised “Slow Travel” experiences tailored to suit you
  • Relax and enjoy a picnic on the riverside. No cramped sightseeing coaches allowed
  • You discover the places that only the locals know about
  • For your entire stay we host you in our renovated farmhouse so just unpack, relax and enjoy the experience
  • Ride alongside our local guide as he points out the sights and provides support along the way

At the heart of your journey is our lovingly restored farmhouse—a sanctuary where you can unwind after a day’s adventure. Here at Loire Brakes, we don’t just host you; we welcome you into our family of world explorers. Enjoy a delightful picnic by the riverside, indulge in the tales of the region, and connect with the essence of French country living.

About Us

Having fallen in love with this beautiful part of France in 2003 and then buying our holiday home to renovate, we have many treasured memories of discovering this the Valley of the Kings.  Throughout these years we have learnt so much about this region both as tourists but also from a locals’ perspective – our newfound friends and neighbours – have bestowed upon us a wealth of knowledge, the history and traditions handed down from generation to generation.  On this break your e-bikes will enable you to slowly discover the sights and sounds of this beautiful region and we will give you an insight into the life and emotions of the Loire Valley.

Great Scenery. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Loire.

Listen to the chorus of voices who have experienced the Loire Brakes difference:

“Your knowledge, attitudes, personalities and hospitality skills made our trip unforgettable”
Ron and Kathleen Lauderbach
“Just had 2 days fully guided bike tour which was great fun. Nothing was too much trouble. Their knowledge of the area ensures you don’t miss out at all”
Karen Reynolds

Are you ready to leave the crowd behind and break away with Loire Brakes? Begin your journey through a land of enchantment, where every pedal is a promise of discovery, and every moment is a cherished memory in the making.

3 Simple steps to your Loire getaway

1. Choose a date

2. Reserve your break

3. Relax, Enjoy and Rejuvenate

Holidays shouldn’t be stressful

And in the meantime download your free guide

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And discover 10 things you should know about this glorious region

For inquiries or to tailor your very own Loire Valley escapade, reach out to us

 The hidden tracks and tales of the Loire await your arrival.

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